Save Sandbridge Beach from 

High voltage Transmission Lines

The Protect Sandbridge Beach Coalition would like to express their gratitude to the Virginia Beach City Council for deciding against moving forward with the proposal to grant landfall easements in Sandbridge to Avangrid.

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How Can I Find Out More?

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Whats The Issue?

Sandbridge Beach is a pristine and unspoiled beach community adjacent to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. It is a popular vacation spot for over 200,000 people each year and it is home for those who have sought out the beauty, recreation and close-knit community it has to offer.

Avangrid Renewables proposes to land cables carrying 3.5 gigawatts of electricity into the heart of this community and from there run 18 high voltage transmission lines through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, adjacent communities and local businesses along the 6 mile cable route.

We believe there are better alternatives.

Why Are We Opposed?

Significant unanswered questions remain, potentially jeopardizing future economic benefits, ecosystems, and recreation for all Virginia Beach residents, without substantiated benefits. Accurate and verifiable information and a transparent public process are essential to ensure an informed decision and responsible stewardship for the future of our coast and our communities.   (Click on Community Issues & Concerns below to see the entire document.)