About Us

WE ARE: A coalition of concerned citizens, including Virginia Beach residents and businesses, property owners and visitors, with a common purpose to protect Sandbridge Beach, our surrounding communities and our shared ecosystems.

OUR MISSION: We seek to inform and educate stakeholders about the impacts of the Kitty Hawk Wind Project, advocate for a fair and transparent public engagement process, and hold decision-makers accountable to act in the best interest of all stakeholders, our shared coastal environment and the broad-reaching economic benefits and enjoyment that environment provides.


In 1994, Sandbridge Beach was on the brink of loss. There was no stable beach to speak of and the dune line had been completely wiped away by constant erosion. In response, the community came together to work with the City of Virginia Beach and the Sandbridge Special Service District was formed. The goal of the service district was to fully fund a Sandbridge Sand Replenishment Program and other associated beach management expenses. Since its inception, the program has completed five beach renourishments, enhanced public access, restored roadways and upgraded utility services; all with local funding paid for by the property owners of Sandbridge Beach. Our wide sandy beaches and restored dune line make Sandbridge Beach a wonderful place to live and vacation. We love our home and feel a great sense of community pride in all that we have accomplished together.


We believe the proposed Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind cable route through our community, the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding communities threatens what we have built together. We are doing what we can to educate stakeholders and decision makers about the issues and unanswered questions associated with this project. We are asking the City of Virginia Beach to pause any further consideration of this project until all questions are answered, all issues are fully resolved and all alternatives are fully explored. With all we have invested in our community, we believe this is the responsible and prudent course of action.