Contact Your Legislators

Send a direct message to local, state, and national elected officials urging them to divert high voltage cables from coming ashore on the most congested area of Sandbridge Beach.

Virginia Beach City Council Contact List

To All City Council: 

Mayor Bobby Dyer    757-385-4581

District 1 Vacant – Holcomb now Sheriff

District 2 Barbara Henley    757-426-7501

District 3 Michael Berlucchi   757-407-5105

District 4 Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond  757-840-0735

District 5 Rosemary Wilson    757-422-0733

District 6 Robert W. "Worth" Remick   757-840-5855

District 7 Sabrina D. Wooten 757-797-5625

District 8 Chris Taylor   757-840-5859

District 9 Joashua F. “Joash” Schulman   757-840-1291

District 10 Jennifer V. Rouse   757-840-1821

City Manager Patrick Duhaney   757-385-4242