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At Sandbridge Beach, we are a united community of concerned individuals, driven by a shared commitment to safeguard our coastal haven from the looming threat of industrialization along the Virginia Beach shoreline. Our worry intensifies as we consider the potential repercussions of hastily advancing wind turbine development on our cherished tourism, vital fisheries, precious wildlife, and the very fabric of our coastal communities.

We firmly believe that developers must prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, that their projects will result in a net benefit for our area before taking any further steps. Sadly, their responses to specific concerns raised during public wind meetings have been inadequate, leaving our community with unanswered questions.

Join us in demanding unbiased public meetings, providing developers with the platform to present evidence that supports their claims. Unfortunately, such meetings are currently rare and often tainted by biased perspectives favoring offshore wind.

We hold the conviction that it is essential for the public to access accurate and reliable information to make informed decisions about the future of our coast. Join our community in this crucial mission to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of Sandbridge Beach, advocating for sustainable development that serves the best interests of our local communities. Together, let's ensure that Sandbridge Beach remains a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Sign the Petition to Protect Sandbridge Beach: Your signature matters in our collective effort to safeguard the beauty and vitality of our beloved coastal haven. Stand with us to ensure that the unique charm of Sandbridge Beach endures for generations, free from the threats of unchecked industrialization.